Monday, October 18, 2010

Fun day at the grocery store!!

Today Zach and I were heading into Von's to pick up a couple things. There was a "Heavy Rescue Unit" truck parked out front that caught Zach's attention. He thought it was a fire truck(it is but looks a little different) and asked if he could climb in. I spent the walk up to the store telling him he could not touch it, they were working and it wasn't like last time(we went to an open house at the fire dept a few weeks ago). As we were walking in, the fire fighters were walking out and noticed Zach staring at the truck. One actually asked if he wanted to sit inside! Of course he did, so I lifted him up into the driver's seat and one of the guys got out one of those cute plastic hats for Zach. He was in heaven although he seemed a little disappointed that it was standing still. He told me over and over "fire truck not moving!" Here are the photos I took, it was so much fun!

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