Sunday, October 31, 2010

Trick or Treat!

Zach had a good time Trick or Treating this year. He only made it to about 1/3 of the houses around our block but by the end he was tuckered out! He is soooo shy around strangers so no one could hear him say "trick or treat" but they all thought he was cute!

 Pirate, Rex, and Jessie!

Decorating the pumpkins yesterday!

All lit up for the big night!

More photos, I just had to add these!

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Halloween calls for a trip to the pumpkin patch!

We finally got our butts in gear and took Zach to the local "pumpkin farm." It is a little funny, as it is in the middle of town but for us, was better than just going to the kind that is set up in parking lots. Zach had a great time looking at all the pumpkins and really enjoyed picking them up and moving them around.

 We took a hay ride.

 The tractor driver was super nice and let Zach sit in the tractor(we were the only people on that ride)

 As always, our serious boy sat there trying to figure out how to make it turn on.

We ran the corn maze, Zach had a great time!

Zach picked out his own pumpkin in the field and insisted on carrying it the whole way back to the car.

 He also insisted that he hold it the entire ride home. He is too cute!

Monday, October 18, 2010

Fun day at the grocery store!!

Today Zach and I were heading into Von's to pick up a couple things. There was a "Heavy Rescue Unit" truck parked out front that caught Zach's attention. He thought it was a fire truck(it is but looks a little different) and asked if he could climb in. I spent the walk up to the store telling him he could not touch it, they were working and it wasn't like last time(we went to an open house at the fire dept a few weeks ago). As we were walking in, the fire fighters were walking out and noticed Zach staring at the truck. One actually asked if he wanted to sit inside! Of course he did, so I lifted him up into the driver's seat and one of the guys got out one of those cute plastic hats for Zach. He was in heaven although he seemed a little disappointed that it was standing still. He told me over and over "fire truck not moving!" Here are the photos I took, it was so much fun!