Thursday, February 14, 2013

Ikea Rast Makeover

A while back I saw a pin on Pinterest for a Rast Hack. I fell in love and when the need for a bedside table in our guest room came up I jumped on it! Like always the box sat and sat but I finally got around to transforming a boring little dresser into a fabulous bedside table! Here is how it went:

Before:                                   After:

I took this from A Charming Nest as my inspiration:

The unfortunate thing was, it actually costs a lot to do what they did! It makes it a pretty pricey bedside table, especially for a guest room. So, I cut a lot of the extras out and did the bare minimum.

I started with filling the holes, I wanted a single knob and got some beautiful glass ones from Pottery Barn about a year ago for next to nothing thanks to some great email promo they had for $10 off any purchase!

Next up was attaching lattice to the drawer fronts, I opted to add this to just the 
drawers rather than the sides as the biggest cost savings.

Glued and nailed into place! There might have been an issue with attempting to put the brad nails into the wrong nail gun. The details are a little fuzzy though. ;-) This was followed with a couple coats of white paint, I didn't manage to take any photos of that part of the process, sorry!

The pine board for the top is ready for some stain, I got some small 
trim for the sides to finish it off nicely.

My first stain choice was too light so I had to run out and pick something different. 
I am glad I did, I would have been disappointed if I had just left it with the first.

 All painted and new holes drilled for the glass knobs!

This is what has been next to the bed since we put it in this room, that mess of wires 
and cables is our internet and satellite tv stuff. It is ridiculous...

And here is the after! Functional storage for office supplies and
much more beautiful than the mess that was there!

 Close up, it isn't a perfect match to the furniture (Zach's old nursery set) but it looks great. I am thrilled with how it turned out!