Thursday, January 24, 2013

Valentine's Day

I love each holiday because it is time to start over with decorations and gives me a chance to craft! Here is what I have so far for Valentine's Day:


Tuesday, January 22, 2013

The super popular phrase "Repurposing"

Repurposing is a big word thrown all around Pinterest. I guess this post falls under it, I bought something to use in a way that was different than its original purpose and then went one step further and went in a different direction than my original intent.

I purchased two Ikea Spice Racks (Bekvam) at least a year ago, if not longer with the intent on using them to hold cutting boards. They didn't fit inside out cupboard like the example on Pinterest I had seen so they sat and they sat and they sat and they sat. Meanwhile, I had been trying to come up with a solution to our weird toilet problem in our guest/hall bath for a long time. It seems to us that they slipped up on some measurements when placing the plumbing in that room in the slab, the water to the sink is in an odd location and the toilet footprint for a 14 inch rough in. Perhaps they meant to do that but it baffles us as to why they would. Not realizing it was a 14 inch rough in, we bought a 12 inch since that is standard and found ourselves with quite a gap from the wall to the tank. Not willing to spend the extra few hundred dollars to get a toilet that would sit closer to the wall, we decided to live with it. Unfortunately, I hate looking at that gap. So...I pulled out the Ikea rack and decided it would be the perfect solution! That was 6 months ago...sigh.

A blog I love and read weekly is Young House Love and they have a segment from time to time called, "Dude, get on that." So feeling inspired yesterday, Zach and I 'got on that.' Here are the before and afters for the bathroom:

 My temporary solution...

 A huge gap!


It looks so much better!

So, how about the second one I had purchased? It has been put to good use in Zach's room, I let him pick the colors (with some Mom persuasion) and he painted a lot of it himself. We sit at the foot of his bed for bedtime stories and the books seem to just pile up (story of my life, piles of papers and such everywhere). Here are his before and afters:

 The pile on his toy chest...

 His red and blue shelf in place! Now they are there for his resting time in the
afternoons as well since he is our crazy little 4 year old reader!

 Stocked and ready for tonight. :-)

The box all cleaned off, it is amazing how it can make me feel more calm.