Sunday, November 8, 2009

Hiking off the PCH!

We took a hike this morning and it was so much fun! It was Zach's first time in the backpack we just bought and he liked it a lot! It wasn't a very long hike as he gets antsy and wants down to walk on his own but it was a work out for us none the less. We can't wait to get out and do it again.

This evening was also a great night as it was the first time we have left Zach with an actual sitter(teenager). Ali did great and so did Zach. We hope to get out more often now that we have found her!

Monday, October 26, 2009


Not sure how many people still read up on us here but in case you didn't know, we have had a rough week. My grandfather Bill(dad's dad) passed away on Wednesday the 14th. He was battling cancer and in the end, the cancer won out. The next morning my grandmother Sann(mom's mom) suffered a major heart attack and stroke landing her in the ICU. After all was said and done, she was not able to pull through and passed away on the 16th. This was a devastating loss for our family as we thought that we still had more time with her.

I will miss her so much as she was a huge part of our lives. I will never forget the sleepover's, swimming in her pool, shopping on Black friday as well as the day after Christmas, and the Hallmark ornaments. Oh the ornaments. She had hundreds, if not thousands, and I love every single one. Some of my most fondest childhood memories is playing games at her house. Will and I could play Pick Up Stix for hours and I loved beating the two of them(united against me) at Memory!

There are so many more stories to tell but I will save them for later.

Grammy, if you can see this, I love you so very much and Zach says 'baa baa.' (bye-bye)

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

For Zach's Great Grammy!!

My grandparents brought a super soft, sweet lamb to the hospital when I was in labor to give to Baby "Z." It plays 'Jesus Loves You' when you turn the key, very cute. Anyway, Zach has fallen in love with it and carried it all over the house a couple days ago. Here are some photos and a video from that day. Enjoy!

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Halloween Fun

Here are a few pictures of my latest craft project
. I got the idea from one of my friends online. Turned out pretty cute!

Here is Zach telling me what he thinks of the sign.

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Zach's First Haircut

We took Zach to get his first haircut on this past Saturday. He did pretty good, he mostly wanted to see and touch the clippers while she was cutting his hair. All the people in the barber shop were impressed that he did not cry and were excited that it was his first time there.

Here he is before...

...and after

and here he is with a special treat, Capri Sun(he never gets juice) in his favorite cup!

Hamming it up for the camera!

Friday, September 18, 2009

Tim's Homecoming

Tim returned home in late August and Zach and I could not be happier to have him! We have been enjoying getting back into a normal routine. Zach is warming up to Tim slowly but surely. Zach has mastered walking and is working on running now. If there is something he really wants to get to, ie. the dog door, the dishwasher, the toilet, the front door, he will RUN!! He has several words that he says including 'up', 'shoes', 'cookie', 'park', 'dada', and the occasional 'mama.' Of course, most of you would not recognize them as those words but Mama understands him and Dada does sometimes too. =)

Here are some of our most recent pictures. I have to admit, I have been very bad at keeping up with photos and videos but Zach keeps me on my toes for 13 hours a day(with a 1 hour nap in the middle but I keep busy then too)! He also stops doing whatever cute or amazing thing the moment he sees the camera so even when I try, I don't get many shots.

A New Site!!

With Zach becoming more and more interested in everything and anything around him, I find myself with less and less time to update our original website, I think this blog will be much easier for me to add on to when I have the time so this is where I will post from here on out. Enjoy!